Abecca's Art

Rebecca McIntyre the artist and creator of Abecca’s Art has been in love with art as long as she can remember. She is an Australian painter, currently residing in Townsville, Far north Queensland. She has special expertise in acrylic and oil based canvas art. 

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Artist Statement 

My art is a desire to let out the images that reside in my heart and mind, and how these images make me feel.

My artworks are an expression of all these components.

The feeling is so important; When I look upon a colour, it makes me feel something.

Then I place it with another colour, that also makes me feel something.

When this comes together with an image, a form, that means something to me as well, you get a whole experience; an unafraid look directly into my soul.

And I want to share all of this with you.

This is my offering to you.

~ Rebecca McIntyre

About Us

Rebecca McIntyre


The passion started young, winning her first art completion at the age of seven. Since then the perfection of her art has always been the main focus, of all her time and experiences.

She has facilitated workshops for adults and youth, been affiliated with a gallery, assisting in its day to day running, and had her works licensed to products such as cards and home décor. Her artworks are a celebration of life, sprit, fun and off course, colour.